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Rapid Flow Roofing Geelong crew have had a busy week back after the Christmas break. This house in Hamlyn Heights had a rusted roof which unfortunately caused some serious internal water damage to the house. After a thorough inspection by our Geelong roofing specialist it is was recommended they replace the roof. The team removed and disposed of the old roof and replaced with a flat Zincalume Kliplok roof. Client had chosen Colorbond wallaby colour for their gutters, downpipes and flashing. The roof looks fantastic and the Rapid Flow Roofing Geelong team are proud of the end result.

  • Writer's pictureRapid Flow Roofing

Metal Roofs are becoming increasing popular due to the fact that are extremely long lasting and perform better in all types of weather conditions from being able to shed rain and withstanding high winds.

If you are re-roofing your current home or building a new one. Rapid Flow Roofing Geelong have shared some advantages you should consider when choosing your roofing material.


In many cases metal roofing can actually be cheaper than tile roofing.


Metal roof sheets are a significantly lighter material then tiles, which is less likely to cause structural issues within your home.


Metal roof sheets are a great option if you enjoy haring the rain on your roof. If on the other hand you prefer a quieter roof Rapid Flow Roofing do offer noise insulation blanket installed directly under the roof sheeting. This has the effect of dampening the vibration and hence noise of rain drops.


Metal Roofing is lower in maintenance than many roofing materials.


The appearance of a metal roofing gives your home a neat, modern appearance.

Colorbond roofing comes in a wide variety of colors, which allows your roof to compliment not compete with the color of your home.


Metal roofing is 100% recyclable, and is one of the most re-used products out there. It’s not only efficient to transport, but also contributes to less on-site wastage, reducing the environmental impact of building sites.

Metal Roofing Geelong


At Rapid Flow Roofing Geelong safety of all our employees is our number one priority. It’s important to us that we have appropriate safety procedures and equipment in place so all our employees do not endanger themselves or others.

Whether completing a re-roof, repair or installing a new roof all our staff are equipped with harnesses and suitable fall protection to get the job done safely and efficiently.

All our procedures comply with Worksafe, industry codes and practices. In addition, tool box meetings and safe work methods are formulated and implemented for each individual project.

Call Rapid Flow Roofing Geelong today on 0413 870 360 if you require a re-roof, roof repair or a roof for a new build.

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